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Updated/Enhanced Rendering Farm pages
01/01/02 Well I just had to make an entry on New Year's Day! I've been working hard on getting the Rendering Farm list in a more usable format. I'm still not happy with it but I think it's an improvement for the moment. Please keep your updates coming in!

Minor Site Changes (Behind the Scenes)
10/26/01 Much has happened in my life this past year. I've learned a lot more about making good HTML code. I had no idea that my sites had that much unnecessary code elements in them. I also have perfected some simple graphical techniques that I was just starting on when this site was first put up. You may not notice many changes from the look and feel but the code running in the background is very new and much improved. 

It also looks like Yahoo has gotten rid of webring support. A new organization will be running our webring but I don't have many details on that as of now. I'll post them as soon as I get them.

Huge Headaches from Yahoo Transition
10/11/00 I've been pulling my hair out all over again sorting out this transition from to Yahoo. What I thought would be a pretty smooth process with a lot of enhancements has turned out to be a total mess. Many of the old webring features are now gone and most of the new ones hardly work. Many people trying to join during this time have been waiting for over a month. Please understand that I am working day and night to get this worked out with Yahoo as soon as possible...

Added Rendering Farm Information
7/1/00 I've added a new resource to the site to aid animatiors in locating rendering farms around the world. Special thanks go out to Richard Annema of EchoVision for the all his work getting this started. I couldn't have done it without you!

Another Minor Facelift and new Splash Logo for the site
3/23/00 Well I's been a month since the site update and I've been pulling my hair out tracking down bad email addresses and web sites. It was a lot easier to manage the ring when it was less than 100 members -let alone almost 250 now! If you are one of the people I'm working with to update you site, please be patient with me as I've got a lot on my plate :)

Big thanks go out to Ryan Ford for his work creating a great logo for the front page. You can see more of his work in his webring gallery or check out his new home page for more detailed information.

A Facelift for the Millennium
2/23/00 I finally got around to updating the format of the site like I've wanted to for a long time now. The look and feel is that of a familiar 3D environment and I hope you all like it.

New Technicaln Resources --Under Construction--
11/17/99 We now have three new resources here mainly meant to answer some frequently-asked questions about the use of multiple monitors and multiple processors/clustering. Check them out in the 3D Projects & Resources area. Feel free to email me if you have more information you think could add to this portion of the site as it is under serious construction. New links or more data is always appreciated. A manufacturer's list is in the works.

Another Minor Facelift
9/9/99 I just had to make an entry on this historic date (9999)! I have been dragging my heels on updating the home page with something simpler to read and download so here it is. Studying for my A+ and MCSE certifications are taking quite a bit of my time lately.

New logo! 
6/7/99 Thanx for all your contributions. The final logo was submitted by Jason Asto. Check out his home page here. I think that the new logo format will allow a smaller footprint on your pages and load faster with less code. You can find the new logo code (and the old if you want to keep it) on the FAQ page.

3D Ergo Human Models project
5/15/99 Check out the new page under "3D Ergo models". It's a new project I'm working on to develop freely-available ergo-correct human models!

Almost 100 members! I can't believe it! --plus: Logo development
5/15/99 Well, we are 6 members away from hitting 100. Man it was only last year when we went down to 13 or so! Thanks to all for supporting the ring and for sticking in there. I am setting up a page to display some ideas for webring logo development. I like the logo we have now but I still think that the code could be shortened and the image even better. Please contribute if you can!

No more links pages
5/15/99 I struggled long and hard over this one but a links page seemed pretty silly since there are sooooo many excellent links collections on many of your own sites. If you are looking for a good 3D website, just surf the ring and you'll find some of the best links no money can buy!

OK... so LINUX 3D isn't returning!
5/15/99 Apparently LINUX 3D has it's hands full just keeping up to date with all that is going on in the LINUX world so webring membership is a bit low on the to-do list. I think we can all understand that! Please check out the link to LINUX 3D and support fellow "Unofficial 3D" spirits like this place.

LINUX 3D will be returning
10/9/98 Due to some server access difficulties, the LINUX 3D homepage has been recently removed from the webring. This was a tough blow for the ring as LINUX 3D by far was the most popular of the members. LINUX 3D truly embodies the spirit of Unofficial 3D and, in recent communication with the site owner, a new, relocated site will be coming.

The ring grows!!
9/25/98 Without too much advertising, people keep on joining now! I am pleased with the responses. After having several sites removed for having content that has nothing to do with 3D graphics, I was afraid the ring would shrink and never recover but good 3D people keep on joining.

Genesis of the new Unofficial 3D home page
8/12/98 I finally got my act together and finished the code and layout for the first iteration of the home page. It will not last long as I am working of the "BIG Page" that you now see. The logo was surprisingly easy to create after a few tries. I do hope that some of the members will offer some of their ideas for a logo in the near future. This page is under SERIOUS construction!!!!