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The Unofficial 3D Webring FAQ
Q:What is The Unofficial 3D Webring?
The Unofficial Webring consists of web sites featuring 3D graphics and related stuff on the web linked together to form a virtual web site tour. Unlike a simple list of links, The Unofficial 3D Webring will provide a guided tour of all the sites which are linked together on the ring. A visitor using The Unofficial 3D Webring will visit each web site one by one in an order or skip a few sites. The links form a chain and eventually the visitor will return to the first link again because the chain forms a loop. Each Unofficial 3D Webring site will also have a link back to the webring home page. The diagram below will give a simple illustration on how The Unofficial 3D Webring looks like:

              /   |   \
         link8    |    link2
           /   \  |  /   \
      link7--- ring home ---link3
           \   /  |  \   /
         link6    |    link4
              \   |   /

Q:How does The Unofficial 3D Webring work?
Each member of 3D Ring will display the 3D Ring button and the links which will allow the user to go to one or more of the following: next site, skip next site, previous site, back two sites. You are free to modify this banner but the ring manager needs to approve the format. Normally, the 3D Ring button and links which every member will have to display on their site will look like this:

prev | Index | next
Join the ring!
Q:How do I join The Unofficial 3D Webring?
The Unofficial 3D Webring is open to all web pages containing 3D art, aids, tutorials, software, or discussions. Your images may be produced by any 3D software regardless of platform. To join The Unofficial 3D Webring, click here. The HTML code to be included in your page is found on this page and you can just cut and paste it on your page. In most cases, the webring button needs to be displayed on the page which you have linked in your site info when you joined [except for a few special cases as stated below]. You may include it as well on your other pages. If the linked page only serves as an intro page and has only got a single link to the main page or is automatically transferred to a main page, it would make sense to put the button into the main page instead. The guideline here is that you should put the button somewhere that can be easily seen without having a webring tourist searching all over your site for it. Lastly, if your site features frames, please make sure that the 3D Ring links break out of your frame or opens a new window. When you join the ring, you first add your site to a queue. You are then given a unique site ID number for your site, you must include your ID number in the HTML fragment (instructions can be found with the code below). Once your site is all ready to go with the proper links and the webring button, email me and I will verify the information and add you to the list. You will have two weeks on the queue. In that time, I will check out the site and verify the HTML fragment and banner are correct. If I find anything that needs to be corrected, I will let you know but you will still have only two weeks on the queue.Sites in the queue do not affect ring operation in any real way. The queue only serves as a temporary storage area for site information while the ring applicant/newcomer makes changes to their homepage. This allows new people to join the ring without ever having any down time where the ring isn't totally operational. 

Q:I have filled the form, now what?
After you have filled out the form, your site will be placed into the queue. You will need to find the HTML fragment [at the bottom of this page] which you will have to cut and paste into your page. Make sure you use this HTML fragment and not cut and paste from other site members' webpages. This is because each site has it's own unique site id number. Also, the HTML fragment found here is the lateset version authored.After pasting the HTML fragment, email me with your site id number and request I add you to 3D Ring. 

Q:How long does it take before I'm added to the ring?
It should only take 1-3 days for me to inspect your site and do the necessary steps. Depending on the day of the week and my work load, this could be longer or shorter. 

Q:Why has my site been removed due to inactivity?
Any site that has been on the queue for more than two weeks is automatically removed from the queue and the site owner is notified by e-mail. This is necessary to reduce the number of sites in the queue and make the site id number available to others.However if you are still interested in joining the Unofficial 3D webring, just fill up the "Join" form again and this time ask me to add you in.

HTML code fragment:
Important note: *** You must replace all instances of "#####" found in the code below with your ID number ***

<!-- HTML Code for the Unofficial 3D Webring starts -->
<a href="">
<img SRC="" height=84 width=154></a>
<br><font face="arial"><font size=-2>
<a href="">prev</a> |
<a href=";index">Index</a> |
<a href="">next</a>
<br><font face="arial"><font size=-2>
<a href="">Join
the ring!</a></font></font></center>3
<!-- HTML Code for the Unofficial 3D Webring ends -->